Batticaloa sri lanka

Batticaloa Sri lanka

Batticaloa District is one of the 25 administrative districts of Sri Lanka (ceylon). Batticaloa district is administered by a District Secretariat, the Government agent heads the Kachchery appointed by the government of Sri Lanka. மட்டக்களப்பு,  Batticaloa Sri lanka is a major city and the capital of eastern province also the former capital of the eastern province. The city is in the seat of the Eastern University of Sri Lanka and it’s a major commercial city. It is on the east coast, 69 miles (111 km) south by south east of Trincomalee. Places called Pasikuda and Arugam Bay are the two most popular beach sites for tourists in the Eastern province with serene beautiful beaches and flat year-round warm water shallow-lagoons. Batticaloa districts is a tourist destination, many Batticaloa hotels and guest house are available around important spots

The lovely District also boasts of some of the cheapest hotels and most exotic economical food. Batticaloa is a Portuguese derivation. The original of the region being the Tamil “Matakalappu” (Muddy Swamp) According to Matakalapu Manmeyam (மட்டக்களப்பும ான்மியம்) the term Mattakkallpu have Tamil words “Mattu” (மட்டு) Matta-derived from “Mattam” (மட்டம்) means ‘flat’ and geographical name KaLappu. Mukkuwa named this place as KaLappu-Mattam or boundary of lagoon later it became Matta-Kallappu or Flat Lagoon. Batticalo is fast developing with government funding and NGO Batticaloa support. Sri lanka Batticaloa news on devlopment is the talk now a days.

Batticaloa map

Batticaloa map




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